The following is a piece of satire and is not intended seriously.

      The minions of the arrogant ruling class have struck yet again my friends, brother and sisters in CHRIST, we must come together now in this twisted society and scream at the top of our lungs because our rights as CHRISTIAN AMERICANS are being threatened. Yes, if not acted upon soon we will have lost our right to deny queers basic services. Such as food. If we as CHRIST FOLLOWING CHRISTIANS must go against our own very conscious by giving gay people food, inturn allowing them to live, inturn PROMOTING THEIR LIFESTYLE, than we must be ready to take arms. Yes you heard me correctly brothers and sisters, we must take arms once again against the elitist socialist ruling class. That is if the MUSLIM LOVING ATHEISTS don’t steal our guns from us. It’s like they have never read our beloved constitution, SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS ANYONE?

  unrelated poem about dogs so it looks like I have credible sources, but I know you won’t look into it you minion of the arrogant ruling class:

     Yes there is a ruling class, but it’s not the billionaires, large corporations, or the 1%. It is obviously poor black kids who protest being shot for no reason, suicidal gay teens, and socialists. Take heed Christian Americans, change is coming. and we all hate things that are different


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